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Feiyu G4 Plus or G4 Pro, What's the difference?

May 22, 2016

Feiyu G4 Plus or G4 Pro, What's the difference?

Feiyu have an extensive range of gimbals to match different budgets, people and purposes. There are two smartphone gimbals that look identical at first glance, this post aims to clarify why the G4 Plus and G4 Pro are both on the market.

Apple Store

The first and main difference is that the G4 Pro is exclusively available at the Apple Store. Apple have struck a deal for Feiyu to produce an Apple version of the product. Because of it, it comes in a white box instead of black, the price is fixed across all Apple outlets. This is great because Apple are backing the Feiyu brand as it does other brands like Bose and Beats so you know Feiyu is a quality brand.


The only physical difference between the products is the joystick (as seen in the image). The G4 Pro features a built in Joystick that lets you steer the camera's pan and tilt axis. Both gimbals feature a pan and tilt mode (double click on the button), which you could argue makes the joystick superfluous. 


Being only available in the Apple Store, the price for the G4 Pro is always fixed at full RRP. Which at the time of writing this article, was well over $100AUD over the G4 Plus.

So do you go Pro or Plus? If you want a near identical product and like to save some money, go for the Plus, if you really need the joystick, pick up the wireless remote and the carbon extension rod and you'll still be better off.

Obvious caveat, we don't stock the G4 Pro, our view will have a bias.

Update: The G4 Plus is now replaced with the SPG Live