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Night Video with a GoPro

June 08, 2016

Night Video with a GoPro

The GoPro works amazing during they day when there is plenty of light, but as soon as the sun sets, it really struggles. What you get are dark videos with stacks of noise. It's a shame because some very fun things happen at night. Don't worry, we've got a solution for you. 

Combining the Feiyu Tech G4S Gimbal with the Glanz Flash Bracket and an LED Continuous Light will give you the light boost that will solve a lot of your close up, low light shooting issues.

I took this setup for a late night walk just to record the difference. Didn't steal any cars along the way, but did look very dodgy in the process.

The LED lights up anything up close. Boulders, trees, columns, but as soon as you get about 10 meters away, it makes no difference. So if you're shooting at night in a bar, party or anywhere you want to see stuff up close, get this lighting setup, otherwise, you'll have to fork out for a proper DSLR with a large aperture lens, bigger ISO and some noise reduction.