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GoPro Karma Drones Recalled

November 13, 2016

GoPro Karma Drones Recalled

GoPro's first step into the drone market has resulted in a serious crash and burn... literally. Their drones have been reportedly dropping out of the sky and GoPro has been forced to issue a recall. 

As a company, they have dominated the action camera market with a great product and amazing marketing, but the last few years has seen sales slump and the pairing of their next gen Hero 5 camera with a compact drone and gimbal (don't forget the karma is a gimbal too) was a great move to breathe life back into their sales.

Unfortunately, design problems often make it through to production with first gen products, even with the extra time with the delayed launch, GoPro may have just dropped the ball and DJI have picked it up with their Mavic Pro. But that drone is also experiencing some unknown issues and the first Mavic pros still have not been delivered.

GoPro was a little bit cheeky in issuing the recall in the midst of the shock presidential election, so you may have missed it. If you've made an order for a Karma, don't expect to be playing with it this Christmas, get yourself a gimbal and shoot some land based footage instead.