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Camera Rig for All DSLR - Complete Set - Came-TV - Gimbals
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Camera Rig for All DSLR - Complete Set


The complete Came-TV camera rig setup for all DSLR cameras. Targeted to video enthusiasts and professionals looking to attach all their video accessories to a high-end rig. Although geared towards the canon 5D/6D/7D/1D range of cameras, will still work perfectly for a whole range of other DSLRs. 

This cage itself is a black anodised aluminium cage with standard 1/4 20 threaded mounting points all the way around. There is a battery access point at the bottom and a HDMI and microphone port access on the side. There is also plenty of room around the camera to access the onboard controls.

Key Features

  • Versatile cage that suits multiple cameras
  • Matte box with rotatable filter rings
  • Follow focus with 4 sizes of lens rings
  • Shoulder mount and adjustable handgrips
  • Model: ZBTL01-5KIT

In The Box

    • DSLR cage
    • Top handle 
    • 2x 100mmx15mm threaded aluminium rods
    • 2x 350mmx15mm thr
  • eaded aluminium rods
  • Follow focus
  • 4x follow focus gear rings
  • Dovetail plate
  • ABS 4x4 matte box
  • 3x rubber lens adapter
  • 5x sponge lens doughnut
  • Aluminium donut
  • 3x matte box flags
  • Hand grip
  • Shoulder support

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